Cell Phone Jammers – Anyone Can Jam Your Cell Phone


When in a business meeting we are expected to behave in a way we are expected to do: we dress up suited for the occasion or function, we come prepared and we do not allow any distractions. As a business owner, you are always expecting your employees to do their best especially when you’re facing them. But what are you going to think if one of your trusted employees is presenting something really interesting for your company, building up the hype then suddenly…his cellphone rings. It’s like having a meeting and someone comes in unannounced bearing news that’s totally unrelated to your business. Even though it’s not done in purpose, the whole mood of the meeting is gone. You even come to realize that the presentation is not that good anymore.

Aside from such important business meetings, many business owners also want to control the use of phone in their business premises. Businesses want their employees to concentrate on their work instead of their mobile phones. Besides company secrets will be protected since important files can’t be sent easily if the employees stay away from the phone.

Inappropriate use of cellphones is also found outside businesses. In churches, movies, funerals and other occasions that warrant an undivided attention, we also experience this kind of intrusion and distraction. Some people unwittingly forget about their mobile phones so that it creates uneasiness to the owner and the people around them. At the same time, there are also people who don’t really care about any phone etiquette, and they would answer the phone at anytime and anywhere.

There’s now an answer to anyone’s concern regarding these situations. Instead of taking away the phone that they really like, why not just cut off their connection? There are products right now sold overseas that enable premise owners to block all the incoming and outgoing signals. As long as these gadgets are activated, it’s sure to block all the signals for all the people in the covered area.

This gadget is called a Cell Phone Jammer. In various European countries, cellphone jammers are legal gadgets if they are placed in authorized areas. The coverage of these gadgets could range from a small office area to the whole floor of the building. The jammer costs less than $150.00 and hand held. There are also cheaper things that you can purchase which are smaller and could cover less ground.

Before you jump in and order this gadget, be sure that it’s legal in your country. In the US, this gadget is illegal, as it’s considered as “property theft,” where the “property” being stolen is the frequency spectrum that is supposed to be available in public. Although usage of this type of gadget can be noticed in some areas, no one has really been really fined with $11,000 (fine for use of this gadget). Other countries such as India or Mexico have allowed the use of these gadgets only in important areas.


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