FM Transmitter For Your MP3 Player


One of the best things that you can add to your MP3 player is an FM transmitter. If you’re a person who loves to bring the entertainment system along, this could already be a part of your media player gadgets. And why not? Instead of bringing bulky speakers to cram up your backpack or small bag, all you need to do is to bring this FM transmitter with your headset.

If you’re not familiar with an FM transmitter for mobile players, it simply works this way: FM transmitters are plugged into your MP3 player instead of your regular headphones. Most of the FM transmitters will already have their own set of frequency which will be explained later. After plugging the transmitter to your MP3 player, look for a boom box and set it on FM station. All you need to do then is to look for your music in your FM station.

That may be considered a lot of hassle by some people. But if you ask those who own one, this is a kind of hardware that you will really love to have when you want to transmit music not only in a single speaker but multiple speakers. These are also being used in the car wherein they don’t want to plug their MP3 players in their car system. You may not be able to plug the MP3 player, but with the use of an FM transmitter, you can easily bring your MP3 to your car stereo.

But the best use I can think of the FM transmitter is for a party! FM transmitter is like a small signal that will enable you to transmit the sound of you MP3 player. Think of an FM station that uses an antenna. Your FM transmitter is like an antenna and your MP3 player is your DJ. Instead of scoping hundreds of kilometers, your MP3 player will just cover 10-20 meters from the where they stand. 20 meters will be enough to cover a number of speakers with FM tuners. Your cars could even come together and tune to the same station and listen to the music from your MP3 player. The ideas are unlimited since you will not be constricted with cords. You could even save electricity since radio transmitter requires less power compared to using Compact Disks (CD) and cassette tapes.

When using these transmitters remember that you are transmitting to the airwaves. In some areas, there may be radio stations that use the same frequency as your MP3 player. Your neighbor might have that favorite station on everyday and a simple switch of the transmitter will cover their favorite station. It may be only 10 meters but there are transmitters that are powerful enough to transmit beyond 50 meters. That could cover even two or three houses. So be sure to be considerate when using your FM transmitter.

The best part is, FM transmitters are not expensive. For five dollars or less, you could have a small FM transmitter good enough for your home.


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