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xp passwort tricks

1. Restart you computer

2.When booting, press F8 and select “Safe Mode”

3.After getting to the user menu. Click on a user and this time it will not ask you for a password

4.Go to Start>Run and type “CMD” (without the quotes).

5.At command prompt type in “cd C:WindowsSystem32″ (without the quotes), I am assuming C is your System/Windows Drive

6.For safety purposes first make a backup of your Logon.Scr file.. You can do this by typing in “Copy to Logon.scr to Logon.bak” (without the quotes)

7.Then type “copy CMD.EXE Logon.scr”(without the quotes)

8.Then type this command, I will assume that you want to set Administrator’s password to “MyNewPass” (without the quotes)

9.Now, type this in (I am assuming that you are still in the directory C:WindowsSystem32) , “net user administrator MyNewPass” without the quotes

10. You will get a message saying that it was successful, this means Administrator’s new password is “MyNewPass” (without the quotes)

11. Restart the PC and you will login as Administrator (or whatever you chose to reset) with your chosen password

How To Shut Down All Pc’s On Network – Little Trick

1. start>run type in cmd

2. type shutdown -i

3. browse and shut it down

Find an IP Address Location

hello you can check out where he or she is and about his personal infomations and check his/her connection speed

Click Me To Find An Ip Location or just own your own try the website here is the link http://www.ipgetinfo.com/ 

Changing IP Addresses

download the file and try

click here to download

Bringing back the ’show desktop’ shortcut in XP

Accidentally deleted your Show Desktop Icon on the Taskbar ? Here is a way to get back the “Show Desktop” shortcut onto the Quick Launch Panel on the Taskbar in Windows XP :

  1.  Open up notepad or a text editor.
  2. Copy-Paste the following lines of code into a new file [Shell]
  3. Then, save the file as showdesk.scf and move it to some place like windows folder.
  4. Then, Create a Shortcut to the showdesk.scf file.
  5. Finally, just drag and drop the shortcut into your Quick Launch panel or  copy-paste it wherever you want it to be.

PHP Performance Benchmark Script



PHP Performance Benchmark Script

Copyright 2003 : PHP Consulting

There are two settings:

First, set $file to be the server and page that you want to benchmark.

Secondly, set $iter to be the number of times you want it loaded.

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); //For disabling non fatal error outputs

$file = ""; //Location to file

$iter = 5; //No of times to check

function getmtime()


$a = explode (' ',microtime());

return(double) $a[0] + $a[1];


for ($i = 0; $i < $iter; $i++)


$start = getmtime();

file ($file);

$loadtime += getmtime() - $start ;

$intertime = getmtime() - $start ;

echo $intertime . "<br>" ;

$avgload = $loadtime / $iter;


echo "<p><b>Average" . $avgload . "</b>" ;


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