Turns to Twilight


Turns to Twilight



When Daytime Turns to Twilight

by Martian Anthropologist


When daytime turns to twilight
When you and I are old
When many years have come and gone
And all the leaves are gold

When we have walked many more miles
Through the grass so green
And we have talked many more times
Of all the things we’ve seen

When we have held each other’s hands
Through all the trials that came
And I have heard a million times
Your lips whisper my name

I’ll still have you and you’ll have me
And through remaining years
I’ll smile with you and laugh with you
And kiss away your tears.




You Are…

You are…sunshine in my morning

You are…moonlight in my night

You are…raindrops on my window

You are…smiles to bring the light

You are…protective when I hurt

You are…my shield when I’m in pain

You are…hope when I am down

You are…faith when I feel to wain

You are…comfort when I cry

You are…understanding when I am lost

You are…thoughtful when I’m tired

You are…the one who laughs the most

You are…the song of yesterday

You are…the melody that I bring

You are…the harmony of tomorrow

You are…the tune today I sing

You are…my inspiration

You are…my most ardent fan

You are…my dearest darling

You are…my handsome man

You are…always the one I think of

With the rising of the sun

You are…always the one I think of

When the day is almost done

You touch my heart with your spirit and soul

Your life is embedded in love

You help me see my life as a whole

As you pray to our God above

You are always in my thoughts

Tho we be so far apart

But I love you oh most dearly

From the bottom of my heart!



Late At Night


Late at night, secretly

Into the woods I go,

To run to the one, who holds me tight

Where the spring does flow.

Perched beside the sparkling spring

He kneels to wait for me,

To spend the night in his arms;

No place I’d rather be.

He stays all night holding me

Telling tales of old,

Whispering warm breath on my cheek,

Saving me from the cold.

From the moment the stars grace the sky

Together we will stay,

Until the sun licks the trees

And steals the night away.

There is no lust, no sex, no pain

No ill-behaved desire.

The trust of everlasting love

Is all that we require.

Precious moments side by side

Are all that we live for;

To taste only the sweetest love

And wish for nothing more.

We are not tempted to do more.

We live without a care.

The purest love is all we know;

It’s all we’ll ever share.

Into the Raging River

Diamonds shimmer in the depths of the calmest pond.
I reach for one, but I cannot touch it.
Instead I create a current and stir the murky depths to action.
Mud and clay cloud the once clear pool
So that the only evidence is washed away in a roaring wave.
The wave descends and shatters the once still air
Into the voices of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out for a lost soul to save.
As the river breaks into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder at the magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks, unnerved, yet intrigued as I make my decision.
Casting away all that is required of me,
I dive into the howling waters
In search of the diamond I could not reach.
The raging subsides as the river claims yet another foolish lover.


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