No matter what…

Ive heard people saying to their gf “no matter wot i just want YOU to be happy,
n to see a smile on ur face”
even if ur with someother guy also
and i have sed that too..
but when it happens in real..what realy happens is this
iv seen my gf talking with someother guy
i realy dont know wot happens to me, when i see that
talking is ok, but iv seen alot more than that..
iv sed her b4 also it hurts me
not only 1 time…iv sed that many times
but she keeps on talking to him
i know i cant tell her not to talk: this person or that person
and i dont even want to tell.
i think when ur with him, m kinda jealous.yea thats wot i think
but think what will happen to you if i do the same thing ???
everytime your with him, my heart cries
but i give a small smile and walkaway from there
coz i cant explain you how i feel, its too complicated

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