My face wears laughter
My heart screams with pain
Becuase my world stopped turning
the moment you left me, alone
You gave me no answers
YOu just kissed me and left
You said you’d always love me
But now all I feel is hate

One day you loved me
The next you hated me
How could you do this to me
How could break me

You were my world
You were my rock
Now i have no world
I have no rock

I feel so alone
I feel so out of place
I feel unloved
I feel unwanted

I need to be loved
I need to be held
But since you left
I’ve had to hold myself.


The pain’s still here
The agony still present
You yurning still active
The longing still vibrant

It’s been 4 months
Each day like the last
Full of pain and misery
Just wantint you near

YOu say there is no hope
And my mind beleives you
But my heart just doesn’t understand
The pain just doesn’t go away

YOu were my world, my life
And when you left
It came crashing down
Leaving me in pain and tears

why why why its happening to me…

3 Responses to “*I’M ALL ALONE, SINCE YOU LEFT*”

  1. 1 Amber

    cheer up great poems

  2. 2 Brenna

    wow..ur just like me..~

  3. 3 Brenna

    r to poem..it kind of describes me..
    can i copy pls?

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