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thses are the nicks and PMs i used in …. PMs (a) thoughtlessness,selfishness,hopelessness,arrogance..i feel it on the inside (b) what im today is not the one i used to be… (c) adhi eba buney nun i hate you ey..i hate u twice… heekuraa goi ma mi hury moya vefa hen eyna yaa hedii Huh […]

Listen sweety This is no small thing: if u end this thing, I die. Please try to think, it isnt over yet, anyways. Was there a flash of a swift wing stroking, glistening to metal in that one clear day? Strain, for I am straining so, for it is everything. Wait! as i know u,u […]

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    Its my life... |ExtraordinaryPainfulVersion |:( Already my heart is full of scars,holes and knots im not telling u to cure them but instead will u be with me till i die just that much… i realy love u ...:::::Forgive me if im asking something more from u:::::...
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