listen me please…



Listen sweety

This is no small thing: if u end this thing, I die. Please try to think, it isnt over yet, anyways.
Was there a flash of a swift wing stroking, glistening to metal in that one clear day?
Strain, for I am straining so, for it is everything. Wait! as i know u,u never lies, And so ou said ull be with me, and you
will never hurt me, you have just now dropped something, you lean over …What is it? What
is it? I am fading, I am. These words, I swear it, are the only thing. Did
you glimpse from the corner of even one fast eye in the moonlight, goddamn
it, you must feel this pain.If not ull never understand how i feels. In the mist, the faintest arch of a
silvery-pastel rainbow, as cool as the moonlight, near a cloud, full of tears, didn’t you
see it? Can’t you hear what I’m crying, these tears i cant bare for….
wont u call me,wont u fullfill ur promise,
im just begging u only onething from this whole world,and its to give me happiness, something which others cant give, u only can give that…and i dont feel the same for others when i think of them….i tried to letgo, but i failed….

wont u takeaway me from this hellhole life of mine….wont u takeaway these tears from me,

i just want u to be with me, i guess its not something which u cant do …… i guess

Thank God I Found You

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  1. 1 muaa

    baby plz try to understand me….

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  • Thanks for visting

    Its my life... |ExtraordinaryPainfulVersion |:( Already my heart is full of scars,holes and knots im not telling u to cure them but instead will u be with me till i die just that much… i realy love u ...:::::Forgive me if im asking something more from u:::::...
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