Things you may or may not know about me.


A-Available?: Depends on what you need me for.
B-Best friend: got loooooodus of them. Bought them at the superstore real cheap. 😉
C-Cake or Pie?: ofcose…cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE!! yumm yummy.
D-Drink of choice: Ranni apple, apple juice, milk tea.
E-Essential thing used everyday: My brain…and heart….and lungs…
F-Favourite colour:
Black and white,Gray .
G-Gummi bears or worms: yep…Gummi bears!!! 🙂
H-Hometown: Addu.
I-Indulgence: Chocolates. Foooood
J-January or February: whats in a month? Ill take the entire year!
K-Kids and names: kids? *scratches head*
L-Life: shitty,Crazy, worthy, fun…all rolled into one…deal with it..
M-Marriage date: O.o o !!! Err adhi miulheny bite ves nulibigen LOL
N-Number of siblings: two sister, im the only boy younger one :P….
O-Oranges or apples: Oranges.
P-Phobias: heights. Ferris wheels and roller coasters scare the hell out of me, but I go on them just for the thrill of it. Ah man the rush! I don’t think it would be quite as fun without my fear of heights. I also tend to get weird when fans are off. The air would be still that I would feel as if I were suffocating! The nights when I wake up gasping for air and sweating simply because the electricity was off were no picnic let me tell you .
Q-Quote: “Too many quotes to write here.. :P”
R-Reason to smile: my friends, my family and my wackiness.
S-Season: Sunny without getting too hot, and rainy without getting too cold. (*strange*)
T-Tag three people: sunain ,azham, ghost
U-nknown fact about me: if I tell you, it wont be unknown anymore now would it? Hmm… okay well.. lshort, fair (??)and *wink*
V-Vegetable you do not like: Bashi! Brinjol,onion And Elllllllll garlic
W-Worst habit: procrastinating. ^.^
X-x-rays you have had: are u serious? Ern luckly still hevn’t
Y-Your favorite food: junk. Lots of it! And [ Anything edible if i am hungry…]
Z-Zodiac: Virgo, said To love and be loved in return

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