My LiFe Now..


Rain, pouring on my window.
That soothing sound.
Flashed of lightning and rumbles of thunder,
Just like my life right now.
The stabbing pain I endure everyday.
But it’s nothing new.
Faces passing by,
Not knowing I exist.
Losing all battles,
Against my friends or peers.
Just because I am not perfect.
Just because.
My life slipping away,
Day by day,
No one seems to know.
Or even just care.
Can’t they see?
My tear stained cheeks,
My watery eyes,
Or even me.
Treading water,
Trying to keep my head from
The ice cold death
Waiting for me down below.
Color, draining from my face.
Running and mixing into the water.
Farther, farther down I go.
My bubbles breaking at the surface.

Then there were none…..

2 Responses to “My LiFe Now..”

  1. Well, things are not entirely bad, you can write a good poem. I like the imagey at the end with the bubbles hitting the surface. We all have pain in this life, believe me.

  2. yes i agreeed

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