dont steal

No one knows how I feel
the worst part about it is that it is real
Misery and sadness is what I hide
I’m misunderstood and filled with pain inside

No one hears what I say
I hate what I’m going through each and everyday
I’m sitting in my room, crying on the floor
being ignored and unable to take it anymore

No one knows the real me
something different is what they see
My happiness and joy is all pretend
depression and anger are the results in the end

No one understands the person who is me
all I want to do is be set free
I don’t want to be the person you thought I would become
if you thought that would happen you’re really dumb

I can’t feel my emotions anymore
feeling numb hasn’t happened to me before
Caring less about the people who care about me
all I want to do is be alone, can’t they see?

In the end I begin to hate myself
the way I am living isn’t good for my health
Cuts and bruises is what no one can see
when I look in the mirror i ask myself is that really me?

I am a confused and lost soul
who does not know where to go
I need help and someone to hear me out
talk, whisper, and maybe even shout

It is hard to find someone to open up to
experiencing this is somethng brand new
Maybe I will become someone better
by talking more and maybe send a friendly letter

I want to be someone I can be proud to be
someone caring, loving…someone who I can say is actually me…

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