Why i cry!



         I cry every day to make time past and so that life can go on without me. All these tears will be what I only do and I sure don’t want, crying to be the only thing in my life. I really don’t want it to be.
 Just let me cry untilI can’t cry anymore. So that when I see the sun I know I have to put on a fake smile. 
       Everyone thinks that my smile is real but its not…its a fake smile.. they don’t  know anything about me. One fake smile is all right but every day I have to put that smile back now, it’s not a good feeling to get use to that no good smiles at all.

Why? a fake smile, hide millionz of tearz

pic frm deviantart

12 Responses to “Why i cry!”

  1. 2 sakura

    this world is full of fake smiles. wherever u see is there someone pretending to be happy but inside their heart there is just pain and sadness.

  2. a fake smile can hide a million of tears. that is 100% true. because no one cares

  3. 4 nuxu

    itz really true…
    greaatt work… : )

  4. 5 toya

    i cry as well, as does everyone that was ever born.
    not crying means your a fake but crying too much means u need a hug from someone, one of the someones who have neglected and rejected you

    i hug you

  5. 6 x

    this is so true thanks for your beautiful blog

  6. 7 naomiseah

    concepts replaced by grinning faces? This is not dumbing down – it’s dizzy madness

  7. 8 katie

    be a strong girl!~ smile

  8. 9 MillyJAM

    keeping on that fake smiling is possibly the most exhausting job in the world. i feel exactly the same and not a soul knows about it.
    but its hard to believe they’ll care if they do.
    solution; get plastic surgery to paste a smile on, possibly resembling the joker but hey! who’s the wiser and we can cry all we like and no one will know.

  9. 10 maizie

    i do it alot, not bcuz i have to it=(

  10. 11 amit

    i cry too being a boy….but no way left… ;(

  11. 12 jet ancheta

    fuck your smile

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