About me Muaa

I have never really known what to write in “about me” sections. Personally I feel that information here can be customized for every individual. Everyone wants to know different things about you. Why not ask me? Therefore, the better idea is to comment on this blog and the best idea being clicking on the ads below.

21 Responses to “About me Muaa”

  1. your thooooo theeethu

  2. 2 sham

    hey dhoooniii aharen eboii question e abt u aa beheyy ……eheh

  3. 3 sheeza

    hey muaz alu ves thy na ge poems varh salhi ..i used steal then n put that in ma PM keke okeyy dhoo

  4. 5 muaa

    thanks for dha commets

  5. 6 aaax

    key key tha shaam

  6. 7 shaam

    hey man gud works budddy..btw hows yaa job …cofy eh ves nei tha kekek

  7. 8 shaam

    kae dheyn vaane cofy ..uhooo keumeh dheyn vaany bodu laari hifaigen aisa ..keke..bro ge naseebu varh gada igeyy ..nasandhuraa ves nuvaalaifi viyaaa.kekek

  8. 9 muaa


  9. 10 mifha

    hey haaada haa ey then muaaa..kekeke thi varu vaan jehey tha …gud stuff figey …:-)

  10. 11 hifaa

    hey muaa haada nufeney higaa bar meet eh kohlan then

  11. 12 elysha

    muaaa….lov dizz name…..

  12. 13 princess

    hey yeah!dtz a #grt# name,really #muaa# =D

  13. hehe thanks ..ye sits ma name mua…

  14. 15 princess

    so wht do u do #muaa#??

  15. 16 Joong

    i’ve read the “unhealable pain”
    and i really like it
    you wrote it beautifully.
    is that your pic on facebook?
    i thought you were a girl
    :p sorry

  16. lynu ves beynun mua aa frnc vaan:p

  17. lyn ves beynun mua aa frnd vaan*

  18. 19 shax

    hi muaa! aharnves beynun muaa aaa frnd vaan.

  19. 20 devil

    fuck muaa…doesn’t look like a man or a women, guess where does he get those poems from…….its the lyrics from songs, a 2 year old kid wud also know how to do it.

  20. 21 hudha

    nice poems dude they rock

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