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MX ge’gulhun


For you see, each day I love you more Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow

happy birthdAy


Happy birthday to a special friend! Although I haven’t known you many years, Perhaps because you’ve dried so many tears, Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send. Your happiness should last till all things end! Because you’ve been so sweet and understanding– In toughest times you’ve made me laugh and smile– Rejoice in your own […]

  If you could read my mind There you would find The two of us intertwined The image of you I have memorized I remember enough to fantasize I close my eyes and there you are In my mind, so you\’re never far. I caress your lips, your face, your hair And hold you close, […]

Why i cry!


              I cry every day to make time past and so that life can go on without me. All these tears will be what I only do and I sure don’t want, crying to be the only thing in my life. I really don’t want it to be.  Just let me cry untilI can’t cry […]

I Miss You On Your Birthday I miss you on your birthday, Not only for your smile, But for the piece of me that’s gone, Left within your care. I’m in an empty hallway And have been for awhile, Gazing inwardly towards home, Neither here nor there. How quickly we’ve turned distant! The months pass […]

Happy Birthday To My Love! Happy birthday to my love! A sea around my heart: Part shelter, part enduring word, Part mirror of my art. You are the calm that drains my rage, Bliss upon my shores, Immensity immutable, Rush that life restores. To you I wish to be a welcome Harbor for your ocean, […]

mihaaru me job akah dhaan feshyy eyy ..ehen aa dhuru ga ulhe venyy .kureega kuraana vaki kameh novey so abadu poems liyaany life n feelin abt the gal i love most……aharen beynumeee aharen ge poems thakun aharen eynadheke loabi vaa varu angaadeyn… much i lov n care u much i need You…

I feel so sad and lonely. I’m surrounded by all these people. Life seem so bleak and boring…. Time is suspended. Everyday is the same. I’m stuck alone in my own thoughts. I feel disconnected with people. The days are fading. People go on with their lives. Here I am so lonely. The future so […]

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    Its my life... |ExtraordinaryPainfulVersion |:( Already my heart is full of scars,holes and knots im not telling u to cure them but instead will u be with me till i die just that much… i realy love u ...:::::Forgive me if im asking something more from u:::::...
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