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Zune vs. iPod Language Handling Differences An odd confluence of events took place over the past few days. First, my Mac mini died suddenly and without warning last week (which left me Mac media-less since I don’t keep media on my Macbook). My iPod touch arrived on Monday. Then, Microsoft announced the new Zunes yesterday. […]

No third party binary applications for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch yet. However, Apple created a list of web apps for these devices. You can find it linked below. Apple Web Apps I was surprised to see so many (relatively speaking) web apps designed specifically for the iPhone/touch (215 as of Oct. 11, 2007). […]

I don’t have an iPhone. I think what I really want is just an “i“… everything except the Phone part of the iPhone. That said, the iPhone is definitely a cool device. If you have a hankering to contribute to a website focused on it, here’s one to take a look at…

Although the N810 has no cell phone features itself, it can connect over Bluetooth to a cell phone, so (if your cell phone and calling plan allow it) you could browse the Internet, send email, etc from the N810, but only take the small cell phone with you if you just want to make calls. […]

When in a business meeting we are expected to behave in a way we are expected to do: we dress up suited for the occasion or function, we come prepared and we do not allow any distractions. As a business owner, you are always expecting your employees to do their best especially when you’re facing […]

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